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Paper towel dispensers back in stock

Paper towel dispensers back in stock Since yesterday there is a stock of paper towel dispensers again. Be quick because there is currently a very high demand for products that reduce the risk of transmission of corona vision. With regard to the products we carry, this is about; Soap dispensers; Wash hands and ...

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Imminent Corona virus deficiencies

Imminent shortages due to Corona Virus Due to the corona virus or the COVID-19 virus, there is a great demand for products that reduce the risk of infection. Due to the high demand, production could not cope in 2020. In the meantime, the demand has decreased somewhat and we expect the stock of these items to be restored soon ...

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Place hanging a toilet roll holder

Place to hang a toilet roll holder There are actually no fixed rules for hanging a toilet roll holder. The most important thing is that while sitting on the toilet, the roll is well within reach and can be unrolled while seated. It should also not get in the way. In practice, this means that it is best to remove the ashes of the ...

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soap dispenser for on the wall

Buying a new soap dispenser for the wall? For a new wall of soap dispensers you have come to the right place at WillieJan. We have both stainless steel and high-quality plastic soap dispensers for the wall. Soap dispensers for the wall in various shapes and colors. Both for private and for intensive professional use ....

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which materials are most suitable for my bathroom?

which materials are most suitable for my bathroom? A bathroom is a place where your bathroom accessories have a high chance of coming into contact with water. If the bathroom accessories do not come into direct contact with water, they are still exposed to very moist air in the bathroom. That is why we give the following advice ...

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